The Charles H. Dorsey, Jr., Mentor Award is presented to a BABC member who has served as a mentor or teacher to other lawyers.
Each nominee shall meet the following criteria:

1) Be a member of the Bar Association of Baltimore City
2) Served as a longtime mentor or teacher of other lawyers
3) By example has demonstrated a commitment to the community of lawyers by following the precept that the practice of law is a “noble and learned profession”
4) Always worked to communicate, with clients and colleagues at the bar, the highest standard of conduct to fulfill the ideals of our society and our profession.

If a recipient is selected, the award is presented at the Annual Past Presidents’ Luncheon. For more information, CLICK HERE to download the nomination form, or e-mail us at

Past Award Recipients

Bonnie J. Butler, Esq.
E. Clinton Bamberger, Jr., Esq.
Hon. Paul A. Dorf
Robert L. Ferguson, Jr., Esq.
Harry S. Johnson, Esq.
Hon. Charles E. Moylan, Jr.
Joseph K. Pokempner, Esq.
Wilbur D. Preston, Jr., Esq.
Paul Mark Sandler, Esq.
Hon. Lynn Stewart Mays
Elva E. Tillman, Esq.
Gwen B. Tromley, Esq.
Byron L. Warnken, Esq.
Hon. Pamela J. White