The Baltimore Bar Foundation is a charitable organization, incorporated in 1970 to foster and maintain the honor and integrity of the profession of the law; to improve and to facilitate the administration of justice, to enhance and improve the image of lawyers, and to promote the study of the law and research therein and the diffusion of knowledge thereof.

In furtherance of those objectives, the Foundation provides financial support for non-profit programs and organizations that have a significant relation to the Baltimore City community and that may be expected to contribute to:

  1. the improvement of the administration of justice
  2. the provision of legal services through staff attorneys or unpaid volunteers to persons who find it difficult to obtain legal services through normal channels
  3. the education of the general public, including primary and secondary school students, regarding law and the legal system
  4. the improvement of the image of lawyers and of the legal profession through lawyer participation in community outreach programs and other good works

Although on occasion the Foundation will provide all of the funding necessary for the accomplishment of a given objective, in most cases only a portion of the projected budget will be underwritten, usually on the express condition that the balance of the funds be raised from other sources. Grants of “seed money” in this manner for a law-related project often provide help and confidence for foundations that wish to offer gifts for such projects but lack expertise in the legal field to make a judgement as to whether the project is worthy of support. Thus the Foundation can act as a catalyst in bringing support from other donors to projects that require more funds than the Foundation can offer.


The Baltimore Bar Foundation has a semi-annual funding cycle. Deadlines for each cycle are May 31 and November 30.

Submit all completed requests either to, or to:

Karen Fast
Executive Director

Baltimore Bar Foundation, Inc.
Courthouse East
111 N. Calvert Street, Suite 627
Baltimore, MD 21202