The Baltimore Bar Foundation Annual Fellows Award is presented to a Baltimore City attorney, law firm, or organization for exceptional contributions in furthering education and understanding of the role of the law in our democratic society. This award focuses public awareness on the contributions that attorneys, law firms, and organizations provide to the community. The Fellows award is presented at the Annual Meeting of the Baltimore Bar Foundation. For more information, CLICK HERE to download the nomination form, or e-mail us at

Past Award Recipients

2009        The Honorable Joseph A. Ciotola

2010        Thomas X. Glancy, Jr.,

2012        The Citizenship Law-Related Education Program for the Schools of Maryland

2013        Larry S. Gibson

2014        Senior Legal Services

2015        Exelon Corporation

2016        Randall & Sonnier, LLC

2017        Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dann, LLP

2018        Byron L. Warnken

2019        Nicole K. McConlogue

2020        Professor Paula Monopoli

2021        Robert D. Anbinder

2022        Dean Donald Tobin

2023        Elizabeth Embry

2024        Kamil Ismail