Building on the legacies of Margaret Brent and Juanita Jackson Mitchell, the Bar Association of Baltimore City has created the Brent-Mitchell Award to recognize women lawyers and judges who have surmounted substantial barriers to achieve professional excellence. The Award is presented to a nominee who:

1) Exemplifies the pioneer spirit of Margaret Brent and Juanita Jackson Mitchell
2) Has achieved a high degree of success fin the field of law
3) Has paved the way for women in the law

If a recipient is selected, the award is presented at the Annual Past Presidents’ Luncheon. For more information, CLICK HERE to download the nomination form, or e-mail us at

Past Award Recipients

Hon. Lynne A. Battaglia
Hon. Pamila J. Brown
Hon. Yvette M. Bryant
Harriet E. Cooperman, Esq.
Lottie Friedler, Esq.
Hon. Kathleen O’Ferrall Friedman
Hon. Ellen M. Heller
Hon. Marcella A. Holland
Hon. Mabel E. Houze Hubbard
Cynthia Leppert, Esq.
Professor Susan P. Leviton
Hon. Lynn Stewart Mays
Margaret A. Mead, Esq.
Hon. M. Brooke Murdock
Valda G. Ricks, Esq.
Sheila K. Sachs, Esq.
Hon. Shirley M. Watts
Hon. Barbara Baer Waxman