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Thursday, November 21
John J. Connolly
Racism and the Roots of the Maryland Constitution

The current Maryland Constitution was drafted and ratified in 1867, two years after the Civil War ended and only three years after the prior Maryland Constitution was ratified. The 1867 Constitution, which survives in amended form today, was drafted by 118 white men, all members of the Southern-leaning Democratic party. Racial issues permeated the Convention but did not really divide it; the most illuminating debates occurred between the delegates and the Republican press that covered the Convention. The most prominent of these newspapers was the Baltimore American and Commercial Advertiser, which published daily news reports of Convention business in one column and thunderous editorials promoting civil rights in the next. Mr. Connolly will discuss how the Convention delegates addressed and resolved four racial issues (slavery and compensation for emancipation; manhood suffrage; competence to testify; and public education), how the American reacted, and what happened to the blatantly (and sometimes subtly) racist provisions of the 1867 Constitution. John J. Connolly is a partner at Zuckerman Spaeder LLP where he focuses on commercial litigation, professional responsibility, and representation of lawyers.He has written a number of articles on the Maryland
Constitution and other Maryland law issues.

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