12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Greenmount Cemetery Tour



Walking Tour at Green Mount Cemetery 

Final Resting Place of Many
Famous Women in History

Saturday, March 30, 2019
Green Mount Cemetery
1501 Greenmount Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21202
1:00 p.m.

We are pleased to offer again this year the very popular tour of the Green Mount Cemetery to visit the final resting place and hear of the history of some of the famous women buried there. The Green Mount Cemetery opened in 1839 as the city’s first urban-rural cemetery. Green Mount is the final resting place of Johns Hopkins, Mary Elizabeth Garrett, Enoch Pratt, William and Henry Walters, Betsy Patterson Bonaparte, Arunah Abell, Moses Sheppard, Isaac Emerson, Albert Ritchie, Theodore McKeldin, Robert Oliver, Harriett Lane Johnston, William Henry Rinehart, John H. B. Latrobe, A. Aubrey Bodine, Walter Lord, John Wilkes Booth, and many more. 
The length of the tour is approximately one hour.
 Participants need to be able to navigate the tour independently as we will be walking on paved paths but also through the grass and steps of the grave yard. Wear comfortable shoes and bring your camera!  Parking is available inside the cemetery. Enter through the main gate and you will be directed where to park.
Bathroom facilities are not available on-site.

The Women’s History Month events are sponsored by
The Historical Committee of the Bar Association of Baltimore City
Monumental City Bar Association
The Library Company of the Baltimore Bar
Women’s Bar Association of Maryland


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