The YLD Mentorship program matches new attorneys having less than seven (7) years’ experience with attorneys who have been barred for seven (7) years or more. Our goal is to advance our profession and the practice of law in Baltimore by building these relationships. Our profession is elevated when new attorneys can learn from the experiences of veteran attorneys they may not have otherwise met. The relationship between the Mentor and the Mentee is intended to be a benefit to both parties, because both will inherently grow their network and learn from sharing their experiences. We will pair participants who match interests and career fields as indicated on the application form.  

Our goal is for each pair to meet on at least two occasions individually and attend at least one BABC event during the bar year. We will periodically suggest bar association events for those opportunities to facilitate the relationships, but we encourage the participants to arrange the meetings however will be most meaningful and productive for their individual schedules. All participants must be dues paying members of the Bar Association of Baltimore City. 
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