Bar Foundation



1. Legal name of applicant - organization, its address, and a brief description of its purpose and general activities.
2. Is the applicant tax-exempt under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code:
Yes (_) No (_)
3. Is the applicant classified as a private foundation within the terms of the Tax Reform Act of 1969:
Yes (_) No (_)
4. A concise description of the project for which funds are sought.
5. Why is the project needed? What are its expected benefits?
6. Please attach a budget detailing the expected costs of the project and how much aid is being sought from the Baltimore Bar Foundation.
7. What is the availability of other sources of funding?
8. Why is the project believed to be feasible?
9. What are the qualifications of the individuals who will have responsibility for the implementation of the project?
10. Please attach a timetable for the project.
11. Is this application for a single grant, or are you seeking the Foundation's support on a continuing basis?
12. What would be the specific purposes for which the money sought from the Foundation would be used? To what extent is the Foundation being asked to underwrite the applicant's general administrative expenses?
13. What ar the applicant's plans for evaluation of the project? What type of report may the Foundation expect at the conclusion of the project or, if sooner, within a year from provision of the grant?
14. Are there any similar ongoing projects? If so, how successful have they been? Why would the proposed project not be duplicative or these?
15. Have any similar projects been conducted in the past? If so, how successful have they been? (Include pertinent facts, such as number of participants).
16. What publicity is planned for the project?
17. Other Comments.

The Baltimore Bar Foundation has a semi-annual funding cycle. All completed Request for Funding are due at the offices of the Foundation by either May 31 or November 20. Submit them to:

Executive Director
Baltimore Bar Foundation, Inc.
627 Courthouse East
111 N. Calvert Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202